Things are happening!

Details coming soon...

We are excited to announce that funding to start prototype development has been secured. Once the countdown ends we will be able to share more.









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The current plan is to make Freeer completely AD-free for everyone. If our other revenue streams should be insufficient at first, we might consider letting carefully selected companies advertise in limited quantities on Freeer. Political ADS of any kind will never be allowed.

As of right now, we cant give you a specific release date, but we highly recommend you follow us on Twitter @FreeerNet for occasional updates.

Freeer will be free to use for everyone, did you not catch the "free" in "Freeer"? But we will also offer paid subscriptions that give you unique perks.

Mark Zuckerberg. Just joking, it's @silaselz and his team.

*For legal reasons we are required to clarify that Mr. Zuckerberg or Facebook Inc. is not associated in any way shape or form with Freeer.

No, right now Freeer is nothing more than a concept. If the project receives enough support, we will consider creating a foundation under which the Freeer Network could operate.

We are aiming for it but can't guarantee that all the currently planned features will be fully implemented when the Freeer Network goes online. We will certainly be adding new features and integrations all the time as Freeer evolves.

No, Freeer is the entire network. You will be able to access it as a web app on mobile and as a website on desktop. We would absolutely love to develop an app for iOS & Android too, but the insane 30% cut that App & Play Store take from every in-app purchase would not allow us to keep prices and fees extremely low for users. 

The fastest way to submit suggestions or ask questions is to tweet at us @FreeerNet For everything else, please visit our CONTACT page.

It's still too early. But when we are ready, we will be seeking the brightest minds on earth. If you think you can contribute now, reach out to amaze us with your skills and ideas.